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The creation of the LEGO influencer community in Spain


What better way to reinforce LEGO’s valuable brand power in Spain than to ally with its youngest brand-lovers?


LEGO is one of the most iconic brands on the international scene and consistently ranks as the brand with the best reputation globally. It has successfully positioned the consumer at the centre of its strategy and consumers themselves play an active role in the brand’s communication, becoming brand ambassadors. In 2017, LEGO approached APPLE TREE to increase its community of brand-lovers in Spain and to activate a strategy to encourage influencers to collaborate in the creation of digital content. According to the company, LEGO fans produce twenty times more content than the brand itself. We had to take advantage of this opportunity.



In order for the brand to reach the same level of relevance in Spain as in other countries, the strategy had to focus on brand-lovers and content creators as brand ambassadors, as well as instigate a local content amplification plan to bring the brand closer to the Spanish consumer. APPLE TREE created a community of influencers and key opinion leaders with whom to work organically, as well as paid media actions for the amplification of the brand’s content, such as product launches, events, sending products for review, etc. The main objective was to connect with the youngest generations (Generations Alfa and Zeta) and with families.



The APPLE TREE team defined a content strategy based on the more than 300 launches that the brand carries out each year, which have three fundamental pillars. First, to communicate the launches that connect LEGO with youngsters and families through the brand’s values and purpose; second, to focus on product launches with an innovative component; and third, to amplify brand experiences for consumers and families through events in its shops in Spain. These events included the inauguration of the brand’s first flagship store in Barcelona and the launch of the Xmas Showroom where all the brand’s new products for the Christmas season are presented and which is attended each year by more than 260 influencers, journalists and opinion leaders.Throughout this strategy, the creation of the LEGO Fan Office was crucial for seamless collaboration with influencers and content creators.


Thanks to this strategy, LEGO increased its relevance in Spain through content, achieving 75% positive mentions and organic engagement with a community of more than 300 influencers. In addition, we have won important awards such as El Chupete for the best customer experience brand.

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