APPLE TREE, has once again been recognized as the most attractive communication agency to work with or to invite to participate in a pitch, according to the Communication and PR Special Edition published every year by the specialist marketing and communication magazine, El Publicista. In addition, according to the research carried out by the editorial team, APPLE TREE is positioned at number 3 in the global ranking of the best communication and PR agencies in 2022.

The communication strategy of organizations and their brands is more than ever a determining factor in achieving business success and guaranteeing growth. According to the research, for 87% of the advertisers surveyed, strategic communication management is a fundamental pillar for their organization at the present time, a percentage that is up from the previous year when this issue was fundamental for 84%.

Communication trends have changed a lot in the last two years. At APPLE TREE we have observed a very clear trend and that is the key role played by prescribers in any communication strategy, whether at a commercial, brand, corporate or internal level. Something that has become clear in the last two years is the dominant role of the media and journalists in creating public opinion and setting the news agenda. Proof of this is the arrival of new titles that seek to expand the news offer.

In this sense, Carme Miró, CEO of APPLE TREE, explained some of these trends in the special issue of El Publicista: “At APPLE TREE we work side by side with journalists, who today more than ever need the support of PR agencies to create unique content for their audiences. On the other hand, from the brands’ point of view, influencers -some of them already celebrities or micro-influencers, who are becoming more and more responsive to brands’ needs- have become a key element when it comes to transmitting their values and purpose. For example, to respond to this need, at APPLE TREE we recently created a dedicated Culture & Entertainment department, which combines innovative strategies and a laboratory for the creation of new branded content and influencer marketing formats”.

Also in the corporate sphere, the figure of the CEO has become especially important as a speaker and catalyst for company information. Social networks such as LinkedIn offer the C-suite and employees, for example, a very valuable tool for transmitting the company vision and for building the reputation of the organization they work for.

Last, but not least, health has taken on a fundamental role in people’s lives. For this reason, health communication, both by pharmaceutical companies and by brands dedicated to health care and wellness, has taken on greater importance. “This type of communication requires, firstly, responsibility on the part of the issuer, whether it is a regulated company such as a pharmaceutical sector player or a brand. And secondly, specialization, that is to say, knowing how to transmit in a truthful and didactic way the functionalities and benefits of a certain product. At APPLE TREE, we are specialists in this type of communication with professional experts in the field of health and medicine, all with a lot of creativity”, adds Carme Miró in El Publicista.