“Ni caja ni banco. Socias y socios” is the concept of the first corporate communication campaign from Caja de Ingenieros in 50 years – a concept devised by the strategic communication and public relations teams within APPLE TREE.   

The narrative thread of the campaign focuses on the values ​​of the cooperative entity: they have partners, not clients. The campaign also affirms a commitment to sustainable finance and the fight against climate change; the transparent, close and honest communication by Caja de Ingenieros. Furthermore, the campaign stresses their continuous commitment to offering a local service with the opening of new offices across Spain. 

The creative line has a close and personal communication code, with which the bank aims to bring finance to a younger target market. With a 360º communication plan, the campaign will be present on television, radio, online and offline press and social networks. In addition, some of the bank’s branches located in Barcelona are also displaying the campaign’s image on their windows. 

This project reaffirms a relationship of trust between the agency and the brand, a path that began more than two years ago.