To celebrate International Women’s Day, APPLE TREE has joined the movement ‘Stars for Equality’, an integrated communication campaign developed by our creative and strategic PR teams for the Olympia Las Rozas, Women’s Football Club, the club that we are proud sponsors of their junior team.

This communication campaign was born from our commitment to fight against gender inequality in fields such as sports. The clear example of the different treatment of women versus men was seen during the last women’s “Supacopa”, held in Merida, where the players of the both finalist teams (FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad) had to collect their own medals, a far cry from the dazzling award ceremony that took place in Qatar, a few weeks earlier to celebrate the final of the men’s “Supacopa”.

In response, the “benjaminas” of CFF Olympia Las Rozas decided to create a symbol of union and respect that would transcend soccer and reach all sportswomen. This symbol is a star with a missing point as a sign that inequality in sport is still a reality.

Now it’s the turn of the rest of sports fans and society in general to join the #Stars for Equality” movement. To do so, our creative team at APPLE TREE has developed a website where you can donate virtual medals to continue creating stars to honor our sportswomen. From everyone at APPLE TREE we would like to invite you to join us too.