SEEDS, a platform for new generation content

On Wednesday 30th January, we presented SEEDS to media, clients and influencers. Taking the form of a digital magazine, SEEDS is a new platform for a new generation of creative content inspired by the digital revolution. The new project, designed by a new generation of creators for a new generation of consumers, is a hub for content creation which seeks to redefine audiovisual production and distribution while positioning itself as a platform of reference in digital transformation.

“Our Story” is SEEDS’ claim which represents the new generation and the revolution itself: brands, influencers, consumers and urbanites have all ceased to be passive bystanders in the creative process. Individuals have become “micro-brands” and “micro-producers” in a new wave of self-expression and content evolution. SEEDS engages with this new creative style, simultaneously individual and collaborative, to celebrate urban life and the departure from social and digital convention.

Digital Partner in Madrid, Jacobo Zelada elaborated “we want to play a leading role in the new digital culture, in content creation and in the art of telling stories. SEEDS is a step in that direction, it is our way of putting ourselves on the map as a nexus for creative content and as a platform for content creators to collaborate and share their work”.

Following an informal presentation to media in the morning by CEO Carme Miró and Digital Partner Jacobo Zelada, SEEDS was introduced to clients, influencers and other media in an afterwork event which reflected the creative ethos of SEEDS.

Check out SEEDS latest offerings here.