For the third consecutive year, APPLE TREE has sponsored all three teams in the benjaminas youth category of CFF Olympia Las Rozas, underlining the brand’s dedication to both sports and gender equality. Established in 2015 with only 13 female players, CFF Olympia Las Rozas has grown to over 340 players, spanning from pre-benjaminas to veterans. The club’s first team competes professionally in the Third Division.

Inequality in Football

Despite these advancements, gender inequality in sports remains a significant issue. A study by APPLE TREE and REBOLD reveals that only 22% of sports news in Spain focuses on women’s competitions. Therefore, APPLE TREE’s sponsorship of CFF Olympia Las Rozas seeks to provide women and girls with the space and support they need to excel in football. By nurturing the sport’s foundations, the agency aims to ensure that future generations of female footballers receive the recognition they deserve.

patrocinio deportivo futbol femenino
patrocinio deportivo futbol femenino

Recent events, such as Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup, signify a growing trend of increased media attention and brand support for women’s sports, especially football. APPLE TREE has also elevated CFF Olympia Las Rozas’s profile through its ‘Stars for Equality’ campaign, advocating for equal treatment on and off the pitch. Launched on International Women’s Day, this campaign originated from the unequal treatment experienced by players in the Women’s Super Cup final earlier this year, where they were required to pick up their medals themselves, in contrast to the elaborate medal presentation for the men’s Cup.

APPLE TREE’s continued partnership with CFF Olympia Las Rozas reflects its unwavering commitment to promoting gender equality in sports and creating a more equitable playing field for women and girls. The agency aims to empower future generations of female athletes to achieve their dreams and inspire more comprehensive societal change.