Girona Football Club has chosen APPLE TREE as its creative agency for its latest campaign, “In Your Face Tickets.” This original strategy involves giving away a ticket to a future match to anyone hit by a ball during a game at the stadium. With this fun message, the club wants to attract the attention of fans and boost ticket sales in the season’s final stretch.

APPLE TREE was the creative agency responsible for the idea and concept of the campaign, as well as a spot produced by GRUP MEDIAPRO. The entire creative strategy was born from a very clear insight: Girona has one of the closest-to-the-action pitches in first-division football, which means a greater chance of being hit by a ball. What could initially be seen as a setback has been the campaign’s focus, which is humorous in tone.

As a result, the campaign slogan could only be “Never has getting a ball in the face at Montilivi given you so much’.” Thanks to this original action, Girona is launching a fun and groundbreaking campaign just a few matches before the end of the season to encourage fans to attend games by offering free tickets to future matches at the stadium.