APPLE TREE’s campaigns, “Estrellas por la igualdad” for CFF Olympia Las Rozas and “#IgualesYÚnicas” for Pernod Ricard España, have been nominated for the prestigious EMEA Sabre Awards. Presented annually by Provoke, a leading publication in communications and PR, the awards ceremony will take place in London on 17th April.

The #IgualesYÚnicas campaign, created by the APPLE TREE team for Pernod Ricard, has earned two nominations: ‘Best Communication Campaign for the Iberia Region’ and ‘Best Illustration and Photography’ in the ‘Best Tactics and Tools’ category. The campaign spotlights Pernod Ricard’s commitment to honouring the female talent within the company.

To accomplish this goal, APPLE TREE designed a campaign to celebrate the company’s female employees as the campaign’s true heroes. Profiles from different departments were chosen to share genuine testimonials, highlighting their shared experiences and individual uniqueness. A photoshoot with a photographer captured their essence. This powerful collection then came to life as a large-scale exhibition in the company’s main Madrid office.

The campaign wasn’t limited to internal audiences. An external advertising campaign was launched across Madrid’s main streets to ensure its message resonated further. Large advertising displays were strategically placed in central areas like Barrio Salamanca, Nuevos Ministerios, and Plaza de Colón – locations that coincided with the 8M (International Women’s Day) demonstration route. This ensured the campaign’s message reached a wider audience on a significant day.

‘Stars for equality’

APPLE TREE’s “Stars for Equality” campaign, developed for CFF Olympia Las Rozas, has also secured nominations for Best Communication Campaign for the Iberia Region and Best Communication Agency in the “Social Commitment” category.

The campaign’s creative concept centred on a powerful symbol—a star with a missing point representing the lack of equality. This homage referenced the last Women’s Super Cup final, played between FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad, in which the players had to collect their awards themselves. The gesture resonated deeply, sparking a movement of respect and support within several first-division women’s football teams. The campaign garnered significant media coverage, appearing in major newspapers and television broadcasts.