Carme Miró, CEO and founder of APPLE TREE, moderated the round table on “Strategies and perspectives in influencer management” organised by Dircom Catalunya, in which agencies and brands took part to discuss the present and future of influencer marketing.

Sergio Barreda, CEO of Keeper Experience -the influencer marketing agency of APPLE TREE- and president of the influencers commission of IAB Spain, was one of the participants: “We are facing a paradigm shift in the sector, a change of mentality. Now, influencer management is a priority part of the marketing budget and investment of companies and one of the main ways for brands to gain visibility”.

For his part, Albert Batlle, Director of Integrated Communication and Media at Danone, explained that “understanding how the sector is going to evolve and what this ‘natural selection’ is going to be, while at the same time measuring the return, is going to be the key”.

The meeting, which was held at the All in One space in Barcelona, was attended by more than 30 members of Dircom Catalunya, and also served to establish the keys to a successful relationship with content creators. Daniel Martínez, SEAT’s Global Director of Product Communications and Events, said: “It is fundamental and generates trust for the content creator. In this sense, we have witnessed a change in the traditional media by incorporating content creators to transmit information”.