The pandemic has driven digitization and highlighted the importance of the health sector for both consumers and companies. These companies have increasingly more visibility, but they are missing “a golden opportunity to talk about their purpose, business and impact on society”, explains Olivia Walsh, Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer of APPLE TREE in a recent article published in ‘El Publicista’. From her point of view, these companies should be seizing the chance to launch more reputational and corporate campaigns at this time.

In the article Olivia also explains that the use of personal data in the health sector “is not very different from other sectors.” In her opinion, “when talking about personal data, prudence should always reign, whatever the sector and, when in doubt, it is better to err on the side of caution and guarantee the safety of users. That’s why the laws and rules of entities such as Farmaindustria or internal company compliance departments exist, to ensure that the privacy of everyone is respected and safeguarded ”.