Laura will become part of the agency’s partner team, which is completed by Carme Miró, CEO; Olivia Walsh, CCO; Kirsty Brown, COO; Jacobo Zelada, Managing Partner; Jaime Lobera, Managing Partner of Strategy and Business Development, and Gemma García, Managing Partner Barcelona. With this promotion, APPLE TREE demonstrates it’s continued commitment to nurturing internal talent.

For Laura Corvo, “joining the group of APPLE TREE partners is a great responsibility that, having spent most of my professional career here, I an really excited to assume. Not only because of the incredible team who I work with every day, but also because of all the challenges that we have still have left to face together going forward”.


For Carme Miró, the greatest potential of the agency is our people, “entrepreneurs, eager to innovate, great professionals and above all good people”. All these qualities are reflected in Laura Corvo, who also highlights her “versatility and professional value”; skills that she has not stopped demonstrating for the past 11 years in each of the different positions she has held at apple tree communications and that are recognized with this promotion.