A positive and human focused campaign covering five real stories from people who have benefitted from European Union cooperation in Nicaragua.

Apple tree, together with the European Union, have created an innovative communication strategy which aims to make visible how the development cooperation of the European Union is positively changing the lives of many Nicaraguans.

“Juntos por Nicaragua”(Together for Nicaragua), a strategic campaign that clearly conveys the values and contribution of the European Union´s development cooperation in Nicaragua through five real stories from people who have directly benefitted from these cooperation programmes.

The campaign slogan “Juntos por Nicaragua” (Together for Nicaragua), encapsulates the key messages linked to the 4 pillars of the EU´s work in the country:

  1. The European Union promotes solidarity, prosperity, peace and human rights.
  2. The European Union contributes to the sustainable development of Nicaraguans.
  3. The European Union supports young people in their education and employability.
  4. The European Union joins producers in promoting development that protects the environment.

In the words of Carme Miró, founding partner and CEO of apple tree communications, “It is a real honor for us to be able to work for cooperation projects such as the one developed by the European Union in Nicaragua.”

The European Union is a project of peace and solidarity that is unique in the world, associating 28 member countries who share values of freedom, democracy and solidarity.