72% of followers of the top brands come from Facebook

We have just published our most recent #SocialScene: “The most valuable brands on social media”. In this fifth edition of our flagship report on brands, we assess the social media performance of the Best Global Brands 2018 as identified by Interbrand as well as the communities and behaviour of their CEOs.

The results of the analysis show that FacebookNike and Samsung lead these valuable brands, with communities exceeding 234, 212 and 177 million followers respectively across the four major western social networks. In contrast, none of the top three most valuable brands according to Interbrand: Apple, Google andAmazon, appear in the top 10 most followed brands.

Facebook was the most followed brand and shows no sign of stopping 15 years after its founding. And not only is it the most followed but it is also the social network that represents the majority of followers of the top brands. On average, 72% of the total followers of a top brand follow the brand on Facebook.

It is also worth noting that Instagram is gaining traction among the most valuable brands worldwide, especially in Europe and in the global fashion industry. On other networks: Twitter is losing popularity and LinkedIn continues to show its usefulness in the area of employer branding and as a thought leadership platform.

A further insight we revealed in the report is that the fashion sector has the greatest number of followers across top brands and the automotive sector has the highest number of most valuable brands. This data shows that consumers tend to focus on how they dress and what car they drive as principal aspects of their interaction with brands, gravitating towards the superficial in their preferences and social media profiles.

In addition to analysing the most followed brands, the most recent #SocialScene also tackles questions such as “Which is the CEO with the most followers?” and “What does the profile of a connected CEO look like?”