This month, the ‘Thanks for the tip’ section of the magazine Ctrl ControlPublicidad, featured Olivia Walsh, founding partner and Chief Creative Officer of APPLE TREE, who shared her recommendations on restaurants, books, movies, TV shows and travel.

Creative by nature and originally from the city of San Francisco, in the United States, Olivia recommends getting lost in her hometown and eating clam chowder, discovering arcade machines that are more than one hundred years old or enjoying the poetry and illustrations of who has been her favorite author since she was 5 years old, enjoying some great bars and restaurants in her adopted city and then being surprised by a very relevant film today.

And, speaking of cinema, the April issue of this magazine – in which Olivia’s recommendations appear – recreates the final scene of the movie “The Truman Show.” It is a brilliant metaphor that brings to the table the reality of a generation wanting to cross borders and – as Jim Carrey did at the end of “The Truman Show” – open the door in the current horizon to discover new worlds.