Mahou, deeply committed to fostering meaningful and fun connections between people, returns with the fifth season of #UnaCañaCon. This new season continues their partnership with APPLE TREE, the strategic communications agency behind this branded content campaign’s creative concept and coordination. The successful interview format will be exclusively available on Spotify for the first time, marking a new strategic partnership between Mahou and the streaming platform and demonstrating the beer brand’s commitment to the entertainment industry.

The show, presented by Carolina Iglesias and Kikillo, will consist of 10 new episodes where friends share stories and anecdotes at the legendary Bar Bara. The innovative format was born in 2018 from the collaboration between Mahou and APPLE TREE to reconnect with the brand’s younger audience by creating digital content in collaboration with influencers. The aim was to transmit brand values and generate fun interactions on social networks.

‘Una Caña Con…’ has become a benchmark for Generation Z consumers, and its videos have accumulated millions of views on all platforms. Thanks to this content strategy, the brand has connected genuinely and entertainingly with its target audience to convey its purpose in a natural and intuitive way. Since its premiere in 2018, this format has won several awards, including the bronze at the National Marketing Awards.