As the global creative agency for Radisson Hotel Group, APPLE TREE has used its NEW THINKING to create an innovative campaign within the resort communication sector of the hotel industry. The campaign combines paradisiacal imagery with artificial intelligence (AI) creations. This immersive experience transports viewers to another world, sparking their desire to escape.

The “Where Minds Wander” campaign captures the essence of those moments when we truly unwind and let our worries drift away. As we disconnect from daily pressures and the constant barrage of stimuli, our minds turn to pure enjoyment: a refreshing piña colada, a relaxing massage, or, what about a massage colada… letting our minds wander is recognised as the time when the most bizarre ideas emerge.

The “Where Minds Wander” campaign goes beyond showcasing the idyllic settings and delights of Radisson Resorts. It injects humour through a series of testimonials where guests, completely relaxed and carefree, let their imaginations run wild and verbalise their most outlandish desires. This playful approach not only entertains but also subtly reinforces the message: a Radisson Resort stay offers dreamy locations and unparalleled service, allowing your mind to truly wander.

APPLE TREE’s creative team spearheaded the campaign, crafting the humorous concept and producing all its elements – commercials, banners, social media images, and various digital pieces. They paired a lighthearted tone with aspirational visuals to bring the campaign to life.

Featuring five scenarios where characters blissfully unwind at Radisson Hotels resorts, the campaign sparks the imagination and highlights the diverse experiences offered by Radisson Hotel Group’s global portfolio of resorts.