A big step: F-League


An ordinary campaign was not an option for the presentation of the new Women’s Professional Football League brand. It wasn’t simply the presentation of the first women’s professional league in Spain, but the celebration of a historic milestone for gender equality in sport.


Less than two months before the start of the first season of the Women’s Professional Football League, the newly created League contacted APPLE TREE to help launch the new brand, La Liga F, before the first match. This launch was a giant step forward in the history of women in sport in particular, and for Spanish society in general.


A BIG STEP. Women’s sport has been triumphing for years and demonstrating that it is of a high level. Our sportswomen and Spanish football managers have been working for years to ensure that women’s football is given the recognition it deserves. So, when we came up with a creative concept for the presentation of the first professional women’s league in Spain, the Liga F, we used precisely that symbol again: ‘un gran paso’ (a big step).

Because there are steps that last a second and others that last a lifetime. And to finally have the first professional women’s league in Spain is definitely a big step, one which will last a lifetime, and which will be the launch pad for many more to follow.

We also designed a unique event, a space to pay tribute to all those who have worked to advance football and women’s sport.

We believed it necessary to create our own space, which went beyond its niche in the football category. Because women’s football has its own unique characteristics and image compared to the men’s La Liga. It was not about recreating the men’s version but doing something new and different. It was, in general, ‘a big step’ for women in the history of gender equality in our country.

We also wanted to share this historic milestone with more than 200 VIP guests and more than 40 journalists. And we placed one set inside the Callao Cinema and another outside, where the public could participate live in our F League Presentation event.


Before unveiling the new brand, and to build buzz about this big step in our history, we created a ‘reveal video’ that we broadcast days before the event via social networks, in which we announced the arrival of something ‘very big’.

Finally, on the day of the new F League brand launch, this important milestone was unveiled on social media and to the media and attendees at the launch event.

The amplification strategy focused on creating a transcendent story aimed not only at the sports media, but also for the media in general. And it was also essential to have the contribution of influential people representing the values of women’s sport, such as the reigning Olympic karate champion Sandra Sánchez, former basketball player Amaya Valdemoro and former gymnast Almudena Cid, to help us transmit the message to society as a whole.


Most importantly we put women’s football firmly  in the spotlight of the sports media.


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