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For this campaign to communicate the brand’s new purpose, we opted for relevant content that would delve into the brand messages in a very organic and interesting way for the target audience.


Rastreator had changed its purpose and business focus, moving from being a price comparison site to a global help tool. The company wanted to emphasize that we make good decisions when we let ourselves be advised by professionals. Customers are increasingly seeking physical spaces where they can talk to someone and get advice or recommendations. The company had worked to provide the best possible spaces and service, which was to be the starting point of the campaign.


To give shape to this initiative and demonstrate to the brand’s audience the importance of seeking advice, we decided to create a branded content format to reinforce the need to seek advice in order to make good decisions. This is how ‘‘Inspiradores‘ was born, a programme that addresses the importance of making good decisions through 10 unique testimonials. Presented by actress Abril Zamora, the project was developed by APPLE TREE and produced by SEEDS, the agency’s in-house content creation lab.


Each of the 10 episodes of ‘Inspiradores‘ by Rastreator told the stories of different personalities from the worlds of fashion, sport, art, entrepreneurship and comedy. Although each story was very different, they all had a common thread: the decisions that marked their lives, and the helps and support that each personality received to get to where they are today.

APPLE TREE chose Abril Zamora to present this series, as well as the guests who chat with her in each episode. The comedian Henar Álvarez, the designer María Escoté, the war journalist Antonio Pampliega, the Club Atlético de Madrid football player Virginia Torrecilla, the dancer Júlia Pericas, the illustrator Blanca Fernández and the poet Miguel Gane are just some of the protagonists of these stories.



The campaign is aligned with the brand’s purpose, which is to support people to make the best decisions, providing the help that each customer needs at any given moment. The overall data on reach and impressions from the 10 interviews has been very positive:


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