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The first aioli that doesn’t need to be strong to still be aioli


Can we savour aioli daily without lingering garlic breath? We explored Choví’s strengths in this branding project, unveiling the launch of the new product line: Choví Extra Suave.


In Mediterranean cuisine, garlic reigns supreme, and its presence is felt in countless dishes and sauces, including aioli. However, the lingering garlic breath that can follow the consumption of aioli often relegates its use to special occasions. But why compromise on its exquisite flavour? Allowing aioli to be enjoyed without the social constraints of garlic breath is how ‘the first aioli that doesn’t need to be strong to still be aioli was born.


For the launch of the new Choví aioli brand, APPLE TREE analysed the brand assets, historical communication, and did a brand audit to understand its position in the market. Based on this research, we defined a communication strategy, the possible targets for the new product and a concept, as well as planning four potential communication territories.


As a result of all this research and positioning work, the APPLE TREE creative team developed different design proposals for the new Choví Allioli Extra Suave identity in the various distribution formats, communicating the benefits of the new product and integrating it with the existing aioli range.


The extensive research and brand positioning work culminated in the successful market launch of the new product. It secured acceptance from the target audience, garnered significant penetration in the competitive market, and positioned Choví as an innovative brand within its category.


Of Spaniards prefer light sauces
Of extra mild aioli to prove that, indeed, it doesn't smell of garlic
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