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Conquering the younger generation through TikTok


Giving control of corporate social networks to the youngest people in the office may not seem like the most sensible thing to do. But it is clear that to reach the next generations, ‘business as usual is no longer good enough’. So, at APLE TREE, we decided to launch TikTok, giving the power to those who know the most about this social network.


The search for talent within the agency and professional services sector presents a mounting challenge. The younger generation has shifted their preferences and priorities regarding employment, emphasising new values such as having fun at work, feeling they can be themselves with their colleagues, and contributing to projects with a positive impact on society and the environment. However, bridging the gap to connect with this new generation is very difficult, as they consume media much less frequently and utilise social networks in very different ways from previous generations.


@appletreeagency Y tú, ¿qué tipo de persona eres? 🔎 #office #agencylife #work ♬ The Office (Main Theme) – TV Sounds Unlimited


At APPLE TREE, we constantly seek new talent who want to join the most creative and innovative communication agency. That’s why we decided to go for the social network where the Gen Z target is located. However, we wanted to do it differently, giving prominence to Gen Z professionals who are already part of the agency so that the content and language were easily identifiable by the target.

@appletreeagency Pon un compi así en tu vida ☀️🧘🏽 #chill #trabajo #relax ♬ sonido original – user82102154662


To capture the hearts of younger generations, our strategy revolves around fun, engaging content, embracing social media trends, and showcasing our culture and team, all infused with abundant humour and passion. Through our weekly posts, we paint a vivid picture of our agency life, but through the lens of the younger generations, addressing topics that resonate with them (celebration days, work benefits, and day-to-day tips).


With this content strategy, we have shown that the younger target can be reached naturally, using their language and codes. In addition, some of the shared videos have reached one million views. Most importantly, TikTok has become our best employer branding tool to attract new talent. As a result, in the latest edition of Merco Talento Universitario. APPLE TREE has become the most attractive agency for university students.

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