The creation of a global brand


For the development of the new Corteva brand, we sought a different starting point, transferring the values of innovation and diversity to the rural world.


The Corteva brand was established in 2018, a new company providing products and services for agriculture that was created from the union of Dow, DuPont and Pioneer. This new company asked APPLE TREE for help with brand positioning and market launch. In this way, Corteva was born with the purpose of enriching the lives of those who produce and those who consume. Promoting innovation, technology, commitment and the future and sharing new values.


Using these research insights as a starting point, the APPLE TREE team identified a space to connect the brand with the rural sector and farmers in Spain by highlighting female talent in agriculture and by supporting rural women in Spain and around the world. At the same time, it was important to provide to offer a more informative vision of agriculture.


For the launch of the new brand, APPLE TREE developed a communication plan focused on the different audiences of the brand. The strategy was divided into several areas.

First, a corporate communication plan to position the company as a leader in the agri-food sector, between its partners and institutions, through a public relations programme and appearances in the media, as well as participation in well-known technology forums where the latest innovations in agriculture were presented through the digitalization of the sector and new sustainable solutions.


Second, a digital communication programme was developed. This included the development of the Granular link app, which gained more than 3,500 users in just over a year and received 10,500 downloads on the App Store and Google Play; the creation of newsletters with 9,000 subscribers to promote Corteva’s positioning to its target audience; and the launch of its social network profiles. More recently, #AgroPrecisión, a podcast with seven episodes on Spotify, Apple Music and Ivoox, was launched, with more than 6,500 listeners and 133,000 impressions.

Third, brand programmes have been launched, including ‘TalentA’, an initiative to empower rural women which provides economic support for women’s entrepreneurship projects. So far, this programme, which was created in Spain and has been recognized by COPA COGECA and the European Parliament as an example of Best Practices, has reached nine countries around the world and has empowered nearly 1,000 rural women.


Since the launch of the Corteva brand in Spain by APPLE TREE, there have been four editions of the TalentA programme in Spain and three in Portugal, thanks to which more than 1,000 women of nine different nationalities have been empowered, successfully promoting the visibility of women in the rural world. During this period, we have also achieved an average of 700 news items per year in the media, and have added new star collaborations such as the partner of, a digital space to talk about agriculture and climate change, with more than 80,000 hits and 450,000 impressions.


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