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Digital leadership in the circular economy


In this campaign we have shown that you can talk about recycling and sustainability in a fun and entertaining way, as well as telling stories that really connect with the younger generations.


Despite the fact that recycling campaigns have always had a great impact on Spanish society, the recognition of the Ecoembes brand as a leading transformative agent in the circular economy had not yet achieved sufficient notoriety, especially among digital natives. Ecoembes needed to connect with this digital user and explain what their role was in the circular economy.


At APPLE TREE, we identify close and direct communication with both the general public and packaging companies, associations and institutions as levers for building Ecoembes’ reputation, thus being able to convey the organization’s position on the circular economy and sustainability.

For this, it was necessary for this content strategy to have a greater presence of people, collaborators and the different agents of the system that are part of the circular economy and thus humanize the organization and transmit trust.



Está siempre donde menos te lo esperas #officelife #ecoembes #reciclaje #oficinatiktok #oficina

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Our strategic proposal was based on the humanization of the brand and the approach to its target audience. In this sense, we have adapted the language to each channel and community, always advocating for transparency in content and format; humanizing the brand by granting power and freedom to content creators; collaboration with these content creators who endorse and give credibility; and, finally, betting on dynamics that involve the user and that seek to generate engagement. All this, always combining information and entertainment.

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Thanks to this strategy, Ecoembes has managed to improve its reputation in digital channels with unique and credible content that reflects its purpose and position within the circular economy, but most importantly, we have managed to connect with the community and expand its spaces for dialogue with the launch of new channels like Tik Tok. Furthermore, we have gone from a neutral or negative sentiment to a mostly positive sentiment.

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