Kevin Bacon is a hamburger in Spain


Only the bravest companies can go out on the street and present themselves to consumers without using their name, convinced that the target audience will instantly recognize their brand. This is how this groundbreaking campaign for the restaurant sector was born. Because, in Spain, Kevin Bacon is a hamburger.


After a phase of unprecedented growth, opening more than 100 restaurants, GOIKO wanted to reinforce its market leadership and continue to connect with the new generation. So, the brand turned to APPLE TREE to further consolidate its ‘cool’ reputation and increase traffic to the restaurants.

During the research and analysis process, it became clear that GOIKO’s burger names have become a distinctive hallmark of the brand. So much so that some of these names have become iconic, used in the everyday language of young people. This includes its best-selling hamburger, the Kevin Bacon. In fact, some young people only recognize the name of the burger, and not the actor to whom it refers.


This discovery was the launching point for a much more ambitious discourse that would meet the initial objective: to demonstrate GOIKO’s pre-eminence in the market and show that its products transcend society, to the extent that their popularity now surpasses that of the protagonists for whom the hamburgers are named.

A new communication strategy was proposed, combining online and offline media for the first time in its history. An original message that would show the connection with consumers, maintain the brand’s tone, and that would be recognizable even without a logo. Thus, ‘Here, Kevin Bacon is a hamburger’, was born.



The best way to explain this insight that the brand had identified was with an action that demonstrated it. Therefore, giant banners were placed in the most famous streets in Spanish cities with a single message: ‘Here, Kevin Bacon is a hamburger’. What made this campaign so different was that the GOIKO logo did not appear: there was no identification of the brand other than the typography, the choice of colours, and the message. The aim was to prove that everyone would recognize who was behind the message, even without a logo. And so it proved.

A communication plan was created with paid media and influencers to help generate conversation about this brand discovery and expand the reach of the message. A press release was launched explaining that GOIKO was behind the campaign. To further amplify this action on social networks, five well-known influencers – Cabronazi, Rubentonces, Celopan, Daniela Morales and Jorge Cremades – created and shared content produced jointly with GOIKO. And a branded content collaboration with the satirical publication ‘El Mundo Today’ helped spread the campaign with a touch of humour.

The campaign caused such a stir that a petition was launched on change.org to include the question “What is Kevin Bacon?” in the Spanish nationality test.



Thanks to this transmedia campaign, GOIKO made media headlines for its innovation and close relationship with young people, and positioned itself as the undisputed market leader thanks to its original and groundbreaking communication. Most importantly, Kevin Bacon is still the best-selling hamburger in Spain today, with more than 7,205,000 units consumed to date.

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