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Nike influencer offices


We developed an innovative methodology to identify content creators across Europe and a system to connect them with our key assets. This allowed us to create influencer service offices, increasing the number of collaborations from 2 or 3 per country to more than 30 per year.


Nike Football approached APPLE TREE with the challenge of connecting with its main target, the FOT (football obsessed teen), which is not an easy task considering that this audience does not have a homogeneous media consumption, nor traditional references and the channels for consuming information and entertainment are increasingly diverse.
We conducted research in 6 European countries to identify the social and cultural references linked to football in each market, and how Nike’s assets in each country relate to these references.


Once we had identified the points of influence and the alignment between audiences and brand attributes, we categorized the influencers by typology, reach, and affinity, and established a compensation system to encourage organic collaborations with Nike assets.


This led to the creation of the first Nike Influencer Office in Spain and a new system for working with influencers across the company. The categorization and compensation system allowed us to create a dynamic CRM with different creators, who had access to Nike’s assets according to their typology. This systematized and scaled Nike’s collaborations with the main influencers in each country.


Thanks to this change of strategy, Nike managed to establish an internal methodology to collaborate with the influencers in each country and connect with the target in a more organic and natural way, entering the natural conversation spaces of the influencer community, reaching an audience of over 500 million young people and generating over 200 million video views in the first year of the influencer marketing strategy alone.

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