Brand refresh


However, the positioning of the Radisson Blu brand was obsolete and it was necessary to redefine what the brand sought to communicate, both to its stakeholders and potential clients.


Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) is the fourth largest hotel chain in the world, with more than 1,500 hotels and operating in 80 countries. 8 brands are managed by the RHG umbrella corporation and the best known among these is Radisson Blu. The challenge for apple tree was to improve the explanation and communication of the brand’s values, making them more relevant and complementary whilst adapting them to certain fixed brand aspects such as the logo and selling line: Feel the difference.


The new identity had to transmit style, comfort and excellence. But, above all, the new brand had to convey warmth towards its clients, putting special emphasis on the word FEEL. Similarly, the client experience had to revolve around attention to detail, stylish design and a commitment to quality; aspects which would allow stakeholders to truly feel the difference of the brand.



We introduced a new graphic element for the brand’s newly reimagined creative materials: the Blue Square. The versatility of the square allowed us to create a unique personality for the brand which can be easily adapted to any of the myriad hotels within the Radisson Blu family.
The square symbol allows us to capture the viewer’s attention and to focus it upon a particular aspect of a creative piece while simultaneously reaffirming the brand’s underlying graphic theme and its concomitant attention to detail.
Graphically, the addition of the blue square to creative materials allows the brand to highlight these special details, brings greater versatility and creates content that is stylish and draws the eye.


The reimagination of Radisson Blu has resulted in a brand that now centres around the guest experience. Guests can now feel the difference in the service which focuses on the little details of their stay. It is this attention to detail that makes an average experience into a truly memorable one.
Radisson Blu has put warmth and humanity at the core of its brand, prioritizing the small details that make every stay memorable. Through this, they can connect with their clients at a deeper level and forge stronger relationships that will pay dividends in the future.

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