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‘Skip to rewards’


The success of this campaign lay in finding an insight powerful and global enough to touch the hearts of all kinds of guests around the world.


Radisson Hotel Group wanted to raise awareness of the benefits of its Radisson Rewards loyalty programme. However, the data on the uptake of this type of programme was not positive. According to surveys, only 22% of guests believed that the loyalty programme met their needs. In addition, 78% of respondents preferred immediate access to benefits rather than accumulating points. Therefore, the creative campaign had to break down this perception by giving Radisson Rewards members immediate access to benefits. As a result, the campaign could only be called:  ‘Skip to rewards’.


The campaign leverages the familiar ‘Skip Ad’ button to illustrate how members can enjoy their benefits and quickly access the advantages now offered by Radisson Rewards, making the user experience both more enjoyable and more rewarding with every stay at a Radisson Hotel Group property.


The APPLE TREE team was in charge of the creative concept and campaign production, which included advertising spots, banners, images for social media and other digital material. We chose to use a humorous tone, very different from the standard presentations of the benefits of loyalty programmes.

The campaign featured highly identifiable situations, in which guests experienced different challenges with traditional loyalty programmes. These were subsequently resolved by becoming a Radisson Rewards member.

The creative campaign was developed and produced by APPLE TREE in ten languages and has been distributed across the chain’s main communication channels.


Radisson Hotels prides itself on delivering exceptional guest experiences, and this Radisson Rewards programme makes it easier and faster for members to enjoy them from day one. Thanks to APPLE TREE’s creative idea, the brand has turned a weakness in this type of programme into an opportunity to communicate in a creative and innovative way.

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