The people who will really move this country forward


At a time when banks did not know how to respond to the social situation, one bank was brave enough to remember that it is people who give value to money.


Bankinter began to communicate a new brand positioning in 2020, ‘The bank that sees money as you see it’ The effects of the pandemic were already quite profound in multiple sectors of our society and economy, and Bankinter wanted to continue showing its support to society and people in those moments.


The strategy to maintain the brand’s notoriety and increase the connection with society and people involved demonstrating how Bankinter was a brand committed to the reality of the moment. To do this, Bankinter created a brand campaign that had the heroes of the pandemic as protagonists, ordinary people, from different professions, who with their daily effort are the ones who take the country forward.


To amplify this campaign, a comprehensive public relations strategy was developed to boost brand awareness and make it more relevant. The strategy that we proposed from APPLE TREE was to move from the “story telling” of the advertising spot to a “story doing” through communication and public relations. The objective was to take the campaign to the people, to the streets, to conversations, to make it more real. Thus, we decided to pay homage to neighborhood businesses, those everyday heroes that carry our country forward.


With this campaign, Bankinter once again demonstrated that it is a bank committed to society and people. In addition, thanks to the activation of the campaign through the public relations strategy, we extended the brand’s conversation with its stakeholders and the attention of the media 12 weeks longer than expected with its initial paid media campaign.

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