In your face tickets


In this fun campaign, we show that with creativity and humour you can get a team’s fans to return to the football pitch to support their players.


This whole campaign was born from a single clear insight: Girona’s first division pitch is one of the best for seeing football at close range, which increases the chances of getting a ball in the face. What could be viewed as a setback was turned around to become the main focus of the humorous ‘In your face tickets’ campaign.


The hook of this original strategy was to give away a match ticket to anyone hit in the face with a football during a game. With this amusing message, Girona FC wanted to attract the fans’ attention on the pitch and stimulate ticket sales in the final stretch of the season. Thus, the slogan of the campaign had to be: ‘Never has getting a ball in the face at Montilivi given you so much’.


To activate this creative strategy, we created a spot to distribute via the Club’s main digital media channels (web, social networks, etc.), with a clear appeal to fans. In addition, the Club instigated a special action during the Girona FC-RCD Mallorca and Girona FC-Villarreal CF matches to promote the campaign and ensure greater visibility.


Thanks to this original campaign, Girona FC has seen an increase in the number of fans attending the last matches of the season, which was the main objective of the campaign. But, above all, the campaign has revived the fans’ sense of pride and belonging and has been one of the Club’s greatest communication successes in recent times, even achieving greater presence in the media without proactive PR activity.

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