An internal event in the stratosphere


In this employer branding campaign, we demonstrate that, with a lot of creativity and innovation, there are no limits when it comes to creating unique experiences for company employees.


Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, asked APPLE TREE to develop the strategy, creative concept and development of the company’s most important internal employer branding event in Spain and Portugal. This annual event aims to promote a sense of belonging for the company’s 4,000 employees in Spain and Portugal and make them feel part of a team by putting the spotlight on them.


APPLE TREE’s creative and brand experience teams collaborated on the creative concept and production of this event to offer attendees a totally unique experience. It also implemented a strategy for reducing the carbon footprint, thanks to the latest innovations in event production.

The event’s creative concept was to imagine the terraforming of Mars in a mission carried out by 11 people from the company, who had been recognized by the management team for their work and achievements throughout the year.


Filmed on a set in two days in December 2022, the 30-minute video was simultaneously broadcast on 12 January, 2023, in Spain and Portugal.

The communication campaign was carried out through internal social networks, stickers, TV screens and communication panels placed throughout the Schneider Electric centres in Spain and Portugal, as well as using traditional ‘word of mouth’ to make sure the whole company was involved and to create expectation.

APPLE TREE designed a multi-stage rocket that took the 11 astronauts and their equipment to Mars in less than an hour. With a revolutionary propulsion system, it could reach a speed of 3,000 km/s. A speed so fast that it bent spacetime, which meant that the event lasted 30 minutes!


Schneider Electric has among the best environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) ratings from Standard & Poor’s, CDP and Moody’s ESG Solutions for its sustainability impact. Through these immersive, state-of-the-art events, Schneider Electric is helping to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve its decarbonization goals, while at the same time improving engagement with its different audiences through a unique employee experience at events like this one.

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