Influencers are the most followed accounts by social network users in Spain, only behind profiles from their immediate environment, such as friends and family, according to the latest edition of the IAB Spain Social Networks report. Instagram is the social network where these opinion leaders are most followed.

One influencer marketing agency that best understands this change in consumer habits among younger audiences is Keeper Experience. Founded by Sergio Barreda eight years ago, the agency has become one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in the sector, both for its partnerships with leading brands and companies and for its own influencer squad, which includes Carolina Iglesias, Xuso Jones and Henar Álvarez . Thanks to this broad approach, the agency’s team is able to offer comprehensive advice on influencer marketing campaigns, focusing on close collaboration with content creators.

This experience working with leading influencers and the most adventurous brands has given the Keeper Experience team unique expertise in the field. “For me, working with influencers revolves around two factors,” says Barreda. “A qualitative factor and a quantitative factor. The first aspect involves understanding the profiles you hire for the brands, that is, ensuring they connect in terms of lifestyle, taste and so on. Additionally, it is not enough for the profile to connect with the brand, there also has to be a quantitative aspect. In other words, this profile achieves sufficient numbers: the right CPM, the right amount of impressions.”

Since last year, thanks to the integration of Keeper Experience into the APPLE TREE group of agencies, the company has expanded its capabilities in strategic consulting and creativity. The partnership has created a unique service, one capable of creating global influencer marketing campaigns from conception to execution across different formats and channels. Barreda adds: “For me, one of the most important aspects of working with influencers is the strategy. A well-crafted strategy makes for a successful influencer campaign.

Keeper Experience currently advises national and international brands such as Estée Lauder Group, Pernod Ricard Group, Multiópticas and Ecovidrio in the development and execution of their digital marketing and influencer campaigns. In 2023 alone, they hired more than 3,000 content creators and carried out more than 600 influencer campaigns.