If anyone knows the importance of influencers in the sphere of marketing, it is María Crespo, Connections Specialist at Pernod Ricard Spain. María’s role is wide-ranging and hinges on a deep understanding of the business needs of brands.  She covers three interconnected cultural areas: Talent and influencers, Sponsorships and festivals, Territory and experiences.

Drawing on her in-depth knowledge of audiences, María emphasises the key factors when interacting with the newest demographic: “For brands to build connections with the latest generations, it’s crucial that, above all, they resonate with their followers, with their way of communicating, with their language, their formats, their way of accessing the content“.

With an extensive career in marketing and digital communication, María Crespo joined Pernod Ricard in 2014, holding various positions in social media and digital content. This background has given her a thorough understanding of the market, and she’s witnessed the boom in content creators and influencers first-hand. Thanks to her experience, Maria is adept at working with these new marketing players. “The most effective way for me to work with them is to understand their audience well; to identify who they can relate to in some way and from there establish a very close relationship with the creator”, said María at our last #APPLETREEBYTES event.

Addressing some of the challenges, María notes: “Effectiveness and efficiency in influencer marketing is an ongoing work in progress. The reality, however, is that the sector has become more professional thanks to the evolution of the last few years. We can now describe it as an industry with established codes and a series of rules and regulations that are gradually being firmed up.”

APPLE TREE recently collaborated with Pernod Ricard on influencer activations, including a trip to London with their family of influencers, Xuso Jones, Mariang (La Pija y la Quinqui), Claudia Salas, and Luis Zamalloa. The trip aimed to experience the city and discover the authentic spirit of London. As the agency responsible for production, APPLE TREE ensured this activation had a uniquely London flavour.