Your smile


A catchy song starring influencers and celebrities was the key to get everyone talking about this social awareness campaign.


ORBIT, the sugar-free chewing gum brand owned by MARS, asked APPLE TREE to help communicate one of its biggest social engagement programmes: PROJECT SMILE. This was an initiative with the charity SOS Children’s Villages to provide oral health care to the children in their care.


We knew that in order to reach the maximum number of people and connect with their caring nature, we would have to explain the initiative in a different and surprising way. We had to connect with people through an action that was credible, personal and emotional. We decided that the universal language of music was the best way to communicate the project, and believed that the best way to capture the audience’s attention was using celebrities and influencers who understood how to convey the values of the brand and its commitment to the cause.


We created a song to raise funds for the children supported by SOS Children’s Villages. ‘Tu sonrisa’ (‘Your Smile’) was composed by Manu Guix and performed by six well-known artists: David Bustamante, Adrián Lastra, Paco León, Kira Miró, Leonor Watling and the blogger Lovely Pepa, who lent their voices to the cause.

The song was presented in a live concert attended by the media, and the video clip formed the core of the entire campaign, which was focused on the media, digital influencers and a push to make it viral.

The song was distributed across all major digital platforms and all money raised from downloads and plays went directly to the charity.


In the first week after the launch, the song reached the top 10 on iTunes and the video had 9.5 million on YouTube.

The media and social media campaign reached 107 million people.

These efforts increased the donations raised both from the song and from sales of the limited edition chewing gum that was launched in support of the charity.

Finally, Orbit donated 100,000 euros to the charity SOS Children’s Villages, which was used for free dental check-ups, dental hygiene kits and educational talks. This campaign made great strides towards achieving the key objective: helping each and every child smile.

The Smile Project was awarded ‘Best Responsible Child Protection Project in the Food Sector’ and ‘Best CSR Project in the Food Sector’ at the 2017 Social Business Awards.


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