Stay Open


We exponentially increased sales of a new car model by recreating a memorable experience for journalists and dealers.


MINI was about to launch the global campaign for the New MINI Convertible under the tagline “Stay Open”. The campaign paid homage to the previous “Always Open” campaign for the prior model and revolved around a short film directed by Oscar-winner Joachim Back.

The online short film would have a much wider reach than conventional TV commercials; it would be launched initially as a teaser and landing page, to be revealed in full at the market launch of the new MINI Convertible.



Working closely with the MINI team, we developed a launch event for media and dealers that would revolve around a live experience. This experience highlighted, from a rational point of view, the features that allowed the new MINI Convertible to be driven longer with the top down, and from an emotional point of view, it reflected the spirit of freedom of the target audience – always cosmopolitan and open-minded. That vibrant optimism was a constant element throughout the campaign.


“Live in the Open” was transformed into a live, open-air brand experience that reflected the vital optimism of the campaign.

We searched until we found the perfect location that conveyed the essence of the short film. Big blue skies, winding roads through spectacular scenery and encounters with genuine individuals whose joie de vivre was infectious and who graciously opened their homes to us.



The three-day event left a lasting impression on all attendees, resulting in very positive media coverage and increased sales for the brand (16.1% increase in total MINI sales, September 2016).


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