File transfer services like AirDrop have become a new communication channel for Gen Z, bypassing the controls of current platforms. Why not join this trend and communicate with them in a whole new way?


To introduce the new PUMA Ultra boots, the brand aimed to create an innovative campaign that bridged the gap between social networks and the real world. Recognizing that the younger generations often rely on AirDrop as a means of communication, which enables file sharing via WiFi and Bluetooth, including photos, contacts, videos, and locations between nearby devices such as iPhones, iPads, or Macs, the campaign sought to leverage this trend and provide a fresh way for young people to engage with one another.


Puma aimed to introduce the new boots in a unique manner. To achieve this, we proposed the idea of surprising his fans with a special encounter facilitated by AirDrop to footballer Kingsley Coman, the brand ambassador. In addition to providing a delightful surprise to Coman’s fans, they also had the chance to win the new boots at no cost.


The German city of Munich was chosen to bring this idea to life. The footballer, accompanied by influencer Niklas Wilson, sent hundreds of  AirDrops with a video selfie. He revealed the location of his van full of boots and invited fans to hurry to the meeting point. The first to arrive received their PUMA Ultra. The brand’s cameras captured the entire activation, recording the fans’ reactions as Coman handed over the boots.


The campaign resonated strongly with the new generations, capturing their attention in a unique and surprising way, creating genuine connections for PUMA. The video summary of the event can be seen on PUMA’s social media channels, and it has already gone viral among fans of the footballer and the brand.

Pairs of boots handed out
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