Changing people’s lives through education


A powerful insight changes everything. For this campaign, we realized that the most important message to communicate was the transformative power of the certificate in people’s lives, rather than its relevance or prestige.


Global Exams Services is the division of the British Council that specializes in testing and certification in language learning in over 170 countries. Given the high profile of the British Council brand, Global Exams Services needed to find its own positioning in the market and develop a clear value proposition that would differentiate it from its competitors.

At the start of this project, during the  ‘Discovery’ phase that forms part of the agency’s 4Ds methodology, the APPLE TREE team conducted qualitative research through in-depth interviews with more than 20 key stakeholders of Global Exams Services around the world. One of the main insights that emerged from these conversations highlighted the difference: the exams offered by Global Exams Services can change people’s lives. They are ‘life changers’


From this insight, our strategy and branding team defined a clear strategy for the repositioning of the Global Exams Services brand. The value proposition was to focus on the human factor and how, thanks to their exams, they can change people’s lives by opening up new opportunities through learning a language such as English.


APPLE TREE developed a global digital communication plan focused on the strategic audiences of Global Exams Services (students, language schools, educational centres, professional associations, companies, etc.) in order to advance the new value proposition and the global repositioning of the brand.




Thanks to this global brand repositioning plan, Global Exams Services has achieved its own brand entity and created new communication channels with its community, as well as presenting itself to students in a coherent and attractive way with a clear and differentiated value proposition.

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