Estrategia digital para atención al cliente

Make social networks the main channel of communication with the brand


Can social networks be an efficient customer service channel? APPLE TREE suggested this revolutionary approach to communication to Vodafone, and it became a success.


Vodafone faced the strategic challenge of boosting customer relations as a means of differentiating the company from new and increasingly aggressive competition. To this end, it set out to make digital channels a medium in which to converse with, and relate to, the customer, encouraging bonding and developing excellent customer service.


APPLE TREE advised Vodafone in the construction of social networks as a real-time customer service centre. To achieve this, we developed a strategy based on:

  • Establishing continuous real-time monitoring of the conversation around the brand on social networks to identify trends, brand health and potential crises.
  • Boosting engagement with users as a platform to achieve greater omnichannel customer satisfaction.
  • Promoting a new, younger language through native social media formats and collaborative dynamics with the audience.
  • Crisis strategy based on preventive actions and early action as a firewall.


We implemented the proposal with the following scope:

  • Comprehensive customer service management in the different Vodafone social network profiles through a team of 12 community managers.
  • Creation of workflows and automated scripts, especially in periods of crisis.
  • Incident resolution, managing potential reputational risks.
  • Development of proactive social media conversations to increase channel engagement.
  • Improved positioning on review pages.
  • Crisis management, monitoring and reporting.



Thanks to this innovative strategy, the brand has Increased average engagement across the channels, especially in terms of comments, with over 300% more than in the previous period. It has managed more than one million interactions and incidents throughout the year.

In addition, despite the increased task volume, the two main indicators for measuring activity were improved: the average response time decreased by 34% and the Net Promoter Score increased by 12 basic points.

But, above all, thanks to this strategy, there has been a marked improvement in preventive crisis management, avoiding potential high-risk situations thanks to rapid intervention.

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