Together for Nicaragua


In this international action, we used the power of storytelling as never before to convey the benefits of international cooperation.


How could the work of the European Union’s International Cooperation and Development Program in Nicaragua be transmitted to all the beneficiaries and society in general? This was the challenge we faced at APPLE TREE when the European Union chose us as the strategic communications agency for this project. We had to be able to transfer this international aid and demonstrate the impact on people in key areas of cooperation: Peace and Human Rights, Education and Employability, Sustainable Business Growth and Environment.


Europea en Nicaragua.

Thanks to the contribution of the European Union, many citizens of Nicaragua were able to enjoy better life, but many of them did not know that this institution was behind the improvements. At APPLE TREE, we believed that the best people to talk about this work were those whom it had benefited.

The European Union wanted to change the lives of people living in Nicaragua, but, more importantly, it wanted to inspire and empower them to create change for themselves by working together. Based on the concept ‘Together for Nicaragua’, we created a comprehensive communication campaign that clearly reflected the values and contribution of the European Union’s development efforts in Nicaragua.



APPLE TREE’s creative and production team developed a series of mini documentaries, in which five stories were told by people who benefited from EU projects. This made the EU’s work very tangible. Each true story, narrated by the protagonist, explained how their lives had changed and how their communities were benefiting thanks to the support they received from the EU.


Thanks to these stories, we were able to convey the work of the European Union in a direct and personal way, making the institution and its international cooperation programs better known to Nicaraguans and their communities.


The strategic communication campaign was launched through the main advertising media channels, including TV, OOH, cinemas, social networks, public relations and live event activities. It successfully communicated the cooperation work of the European Union and expanded recognition of the institution among the people of Nicaragua.


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