The incredible trail


At APPLE TREE, we believe that brand purpose is fundamental for connecting with consumers in a unique and relevant way. That’s why we decided to take ASUS’ own purpose, ‘Incredible comes from within’, as the starting point for their most ambitious brand campaign.


ASUS’ purpose is to thrive under pressure and meet new challenges with innovative solutions. During the research and analysis process, we realized that there is a group of people who are always working under pressure to overcome obstacles: athletes. And, to an even greater degree, Paralympic athletes. They should be the campaign protagonists.


We chose an outstanding sportswoman to exemplify how ASUS can help overcome challenges: the Paralympic athlete and medical doctor, Susana Rodriguez. ASUS technology would help this athlete achieve the impossible and take her outside her comfort zone, the athletics track, to try something much more adventurous. Susana, who suffers from severe visual impairment, accepted the APPLE TREE challenge, and went trail running through the forest at night, something she had never attempted before.



The focus of the campaign was a video based on a conceptual action documentary film, in which technology helps the protagonist achieve the unimaginable. Thus, we see the athlete arriving at an unknown place, a forest full of obstacles, where, to add to the tension, dusk was falling. However, thanks to light and innovative ASUS technology, Susana overcomes the challenge and completes a journey that, without her being aware, traces the logo of the brand’s ZenBook range.


With this campaign, ASUS stepped away from its usual product-focused communication tone to show that, in order to win, you must keep looking for incredible challenges and achieve them through the inner strength, hard work and spirit that is found in all of us.

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