A campaign to attract the best talent


In this employer branding campaign, we decided to use the company’s employees as ambassadors for the brand to make the organization an attractive place to work.


Today’s talent market is becoming increasingly competitive, with job offers from digital companies and new innovative sectors. Employer branding has become a major strategic necessity for Volkswagen Group España Distribución. Only by positioning itself as a great company to work for can it stand out in such a competitive market.



Volkswagen Group España Distribución approached APPLE TREE with the objective of building its first employer branding campaign to convey its unique values and work philosophy to future candidates. To achieve these objectives, we proposed a strategy based on the recommendation of the company’s own employees, in which they themselves would transmit the message through an employee-generated content plan.



We selected LinkedIn and Instagram as the main platforms, as they are the social networks most used by employees and future candidates. We generated valuable content that showed the company’s commitment to attracting and retaining talent with the active participation of employees. We filmed different employees, who talked to us about their career path, their vision for the future, and other topics of interest. In this way, the employees became brand ambassadors and interacted with the content: they feel proud to belong to Volkswagen Group España Distribución.




Thanks to this strategy, we continuously increased the community on Volkswagen Group España Distribución’s profiles, as well as improved engagement. We almost tripled the Instagram community within six months of activating the employer branding campaign.

In addition to reaching the company’s employees, we also impacted a new audience interested in our content, including entrepreneurs, people interested in business and innovation, engineering students and automotive enthusiasts, among others. Employees are enthusiastic about participating in the content to be published on the profiles, including suggesting new content ideas. And, most importantly, we made Volkswagen Group España Distribución a Top Employer.


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